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Sale of a functionalist villa in Prague 6 Hanspaulka

An exceptional offer. We are exclusively offering a one-of-a-kind functionalistic villa in the locality of Prague 6 Hanspaulka, street Na Míčánce 39, for sale.
It is a villa of unique style and architecture, built in the years of 1932-1933 according to the design of arch. Štipl, a pupil of arch. Plečnik, and it is a historical monument.
The total size of the footprint plus courtyard is 377 m2.
It is a 4-story villa with a footprint of cca 240 m2.
The area of the garden is 763 m2 with the original pool, garage, and a 122 m2 terrace.
460 m2 is the total heated floorspace of the building.

The current layout of the building is:
- a lower level flat of 53 m2, utility room, laundry room, natural gas heater, basement, winter garden, garage
- a ground floor flat/office space - 150 m2, terraces,
- first floor flat/office space - 150 m2, terrace,
- 2nd floor: a 95 m2 flat + 50 m2 terrace with a spectacular view of Prague

The building, as well as all the inner spaces, are being regularly maintained by the descendant of the original owners, with extra emphasis on maintaining the original state. The house still has the original parquet floors, windows, doors, tiles and mosaics, fencing, blinds, pool, etc.

The villa is currently completely rented, and can be free at the end of 2020.
The selling price is CZK 98,000,000.
Further information upon request.

98 000 000 Kč za celek
ID: 300
Typ: Ostatní nemovitosti
Okres: Praha 6
Obec: Praha
Užitná plocha: 460 m2
Cena: 98 000 000 Kč za celek
Služby/poplatky: cena na vyžádání
Výška: 0
Nosnost podlahy:
Přístup rampa: NE
Přístup vjezd: ANO
Vytápění: ANO
Zázemí: NE
Sjezd z dálnice: NE
Chlazený/mražený: NE
ADR sklad: NE
Energetický šťítek: G
Přímý kontakt
Roman Macura
Roman Macura
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